2015 Suggest Nominees

As we begin our 10th year, fans have helped us induct many recording stars that until the Hit Parade Hall of Fame, had no such recognition.

Believing that all hit records are “popular” we have no restrictions on any genre’ of music, be it be Country, R&B, Popular or Rock. With the induction of the class of 2014, the inductees you have made total over 200. ( http://hitparadehalloffame.com/inductees/ )

The vote and suggestions of fans during this past year is the most ever, giving us one of our largest nominee list to consider for 2015. You’ve done a great job in the past, as we once again ask you to vote for 12 of those you think are most deserving to be nominated by the Hit Parade Hall of Fame in 2015. Following each name note the number of gold singles awarded to the artist.

Vote for twelve Suggested Nominees. If you have additional suggestions make note in the text box added to the bottom of this list. You must click the button ONCE you’ve made your entries. Your click will register your suggestions.

Many thanks, Ron, John & Gil

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