From their start in Liverpool the Beatles are said
to be the most critically acclaimed, commercially successful 
popular music recording artists in history. They continue to be
held in the highest esteem for their artistic achievements, their huge 
commercial success, their ground breaking role in the history 
of popular music, and their contributions to popular culture.

Although their initial musical style was rooted in the sounds
 of 1950s Rock & Roll, the group explored a great variety 
of musical styles, ranging from Tin Pan Alley to rockabilly.
The innovative music and style of John Lennon, Paul McCartney,
George Harrison and Ringo Starr helped to define the 1960s.

The Beatles were the best-selling popular musical act
of the 20th century with more than an estimated one billion
 discs & tapes sold worldwide. They first burst on the American 
scene in 1964 with “I Want to Hold Your Hand.” Before the 
year was over they had added 30 more visits to the Hit
 Parade including, “She Loves Me,” “Please, Please Me,” “Twist 
and Shout,” “Can’t Buy Me Love, “ “Do You Want to Know a Secret,”
“Love Me Do,” “A Hard Day’s Night,” “And I Love Her,”
“I Feel Fine” and “She’s a Woman.”

In the years that followed, “Eight Days A Week,” “Ticket to Ride,”
“Help,” “Yesterday,” “We Can Work it Out,” “Paperback Writer,”
“Penny Lane,” “All You Need is Love,” “Hello Goodbye,” “Hey Jude,”
“Get Back,” “Come Together,” “Let It Be Me,” and “The Long
 And Winding Road” each topped the Hit Parade.

Starring in the motion pictures, “A Hard Day’s Night,”
“Help” and “The Magical Mystery Tour.” The Beatles
 were inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in 1988. 
In 2007 the Beatles were inducted into the Hit Parade Hall of Fame