Jaye P. Morgan


Mary Margaret Morgan was born on December 3, 1931, in Mancos, Colorado. After moving with her family to California, while serving as class treasurer in high school, she was given the nickname “Jaye P” after the famous banker J.P. Morgan.

Singing at school occasions prepared her for becoming a vocalist with the Frank DeVol orchestra, after graduation within a year Jaye P. Morgan had a top ten recording, “Life Is Just a Bowl of Cherries” in 1953.

In 1954, “That’s All I Want from You,” staying on the Hit Parade for an amazing 21 weeks earning her a gold record.“Danger, Heartbreak Ahead,” “If You Don’t Want My Love,” “The Longest Walk,” “Two Lost Souls”and ”Pepperhot Baby” kept JP’s hit streak going in 1955.

More hits would come from her version of Johnny Cash’s “I Walk the Line,” Elvis’ “Are You Lonesome Tonight” in 1959, followed by “Miss You” a year later.

The popular singer, actress and comedienne became a household name in the 1950’s, with regular television appearances on the Perry Como, Ed Sullivan and Johnny Carson television shows. Jaye P. Morgan also had her own national TV show in 1956.

In 2008, Jaye P. Morgan was inducted into the Hit Parade Hall of Fame.